Electro-Voice EV RE3-ACC-AASP ชุดแยกสัญญาณเข้า2 ออก 8

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EV RE3-ACC-AASP 2-in x 8-out antenna splitter 470-960MHz

The AASP is a professional, wide bandwidth, active antenna splitter designed to function as the distribution hub of RF and DC power in a multichannel wireless microphone system. One AASP actively splits each incoming antenna signal (A and B) into four connected diversity receivers in the system without signal loss, as well as distributing DC to power each of the four connected receivers.

In addition to the four RF outputs per antenna, AASP also includes a convenient cascade output per antenna allowing incoming signals to be sent directly to another AASP unit with zero loss, and without sacrificing any of the four RF outputs per side. A total of five AASP splitters can be cascaded from one pair of antennas.

The selectable booster feed powers active antennas and/or booster amps with 12V DC. The factory default setting is on, and should a need arise for the booster feed to be off, an on/off switch can be accessed on the main circuit board inside of the chassis.


  • Active 2-in x 8-out antenna splitter
  • Distributes DC to power four receivers
  • Splits two antennas into four diversity receivers
  • Selectable booster feed for powering active antennas and boosters
  • Additional cascade output per antenna allows stacking splitters without sacrificing 2×8 function

Data Sheet

Frequency range 470 – 960 MHz
RF output gain 3 dB (±2dB)
Cascade output level 0dB – +2dB
Output connection isolation 25dB
Third order intercept point 24 dBm
Impedance 50 Ohm
Input voltage 12v DC/5A
Output DC voltage +12V 1A x 4
Antenna booster DC voltage 12V
Dimensions (length) 18.93″ (481mm)
Dimensions (width) 8.94″ (227mm)
Dimensions (depth) 1.71″ (43.4mm)
Finish Polyurethane paint, black
Net weight 6.78 lb (3.07 kg)
Gross weight 8.16 lb (3.7 kg)
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